Reason 12 plugin rack does not appear as a VST3 plugin in Ableton 11

This forum is for discussing the Reason Rack Plugin, the version of the Reason rack that runs as a VST3, AU, AAX in other DAWs.
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Post 06 May 2022

Greets from Greece.
I am experiencing the following issue:
I have installed the latest version of Ableton 11 and the latest version of Reason 12 on MacOs (Mac Mini, 2020_M1_16GB).
Ableton runs smoothly AND Reason 12 runs smoothly as well.
When in Ableton, the Reason plugin rack fails to appear under the VST3 folder but it appears under the AudioUnit folder.
Although the reasonpluginrack.vst3 is installed within the VST3 directory in my MacMini (i can see it inside Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/) it does not show under the VST3 folder when Ableton is running.
I reinstalled both Ableton and Reason but still the reasonpluginrack.vst3 is not working.
Also, the reason rack plugin shows under the AUDIOUNITS folder BUT is not functioning properly with Ableton 11 (i cannot use the Beat Drum sequencer with a midi vst instrument).
Has anyone experienced a similar problem AND/or found a solution to this?
Any advice or suggestion will be welcome!

Thank you

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Post 06 May 2022

I suppose if you run Ableton Live in Rosetta2 mode then the VST3 will show up.

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That is exactly my issue right now. No .VST3 and the AU seems to be unable to send midi to other tracks.. Any ideas how to solve this? Especially since we now have the Chord Sequencer...

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It's a case of running Ableton (at a lower performance level) using Rozetta until RS add M1 support, not sure where they are on the roadmap with this.
All my other plugins are M1 native so the Reason Plugin is sitting unused for now.

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I am using Bitwig in M1 native. It loads RRP in Rosetta with no issue and excellent performance...

But then Bitwig has a sophisticated plugin management system that ableton hasn't, maybe it explains why.
Bitwig and RRP fanboy...

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Same here - has this been fixed yet? My Reason Rack shows up fine in the VST3 folder in Live 10, but not Live 11. I've sent support queries to both Reason and Ableton but they pretend to know nothing about this issue. Very frustrating.

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I am also experiencing this issue on Win 10

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Only the AU versions of RRP shows in Studio One 5.5.2. And the AU won’t pass on MIDI from Players…. I am sad.

{Mac mini M1, MacOS 15.{latest}}

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Same Here, is there any answer by the developers?

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