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This forum is for developers of Rack Extensions to discuss the RE SDK, share code, and offer tips to other developers.
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Post 29 Jan 2021

Billy+ wrote:
29 Jan 2021
Loque wrote:
29 Jan 2021

If you are really interested, you should ask James private, so DM him. I mean, if you are REALLY interested in providing content.
I understand the need for privacy, but I think it might be valuable to all to see open honest discussions.

And the way you talk the last days i am pretty sure, you wont get any offer. Sorry to say that, but i whish you good luck :thumbup:
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Post 29 Jan 2021

My updated 2 pennies -

I have to state publicly that established sound designers are getting offered agreeable deals for the sound packs. It's really fair, which I was not expecting.

From my interactions today I would say that this whole subscription thing is in early access. They (RS) do indeed appear looking after us which I expect given a little time will extend into the RE market. It's just that IMHO it's all been rolled out waaaaay to frigging early, but it's not all doom and gloom, it's a very significant change but it's not all bad.

To all of the RS crew - Please keep all of us devs in mind. Just approach us and we will likely work something out. Also please don't assume that we are all forum/discord/social media users.... most of us have been doing that shit for 20 years or more and are bored of it now - just email directly or even call and I'm sure we will figure something out.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. :)


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Post 28 Apr 2021

Hey there. I know this is months later, but I'm just reading this thread for the first time and freaking out all over again. :)

What's the general feeling on the direction here? Personally I've got years' worth of REs planned, several in dev.. a box full of brainstorms on paper.. ;) and I'll be honest, a lot of the communication around this and other things has really left me worried.

Is there movement on the shop issue and RE integration with the sub and such? I'm seriously out of the loop... so apologies if I should be learning of this elsewhere, but I mean I get a few official emails that are often not actually accurate. ;) And I dunno. Honestly, I just plug away at dev'ing and assume the shop will still work the same, that REs are still viable, etc., etc.

So yeah.. if I'm wrong about that assumption... :) I would like to know. I mean is this going to be a case of choice devs getting integrated and thus making a living and the rest of us getting sidelined? That would raise a few questions. ;) (lol) IDK. I understand there's a lot of opinions but do we know anything concrete?

And personally I'm still trying to break out.. to make a living at this. So there's some extra worry there. :) ? again, IDK. Would love to be reassured! :)



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Post 28 Apr 2021

starship wrote:
28 Apr 2021
What's the general feeling on the direction here?

Is there movement on the shop issue and RE integration with the sub and such?
We're still supporting our REs and working on updates as always. R+ sub allows users basically to have the 'full kaboodle' for RS products at a subscription fee. If they end their subscription, they end up with zip, until/unless they buy a full license of Reason as a DAW (perpetual) so they still get the base stock minus the RSR+ products (which makes sense).

Quite a few other companies are doing the same thing (Izotope, Slate, Plugin Alliance), it's not to replace but to aid those who maybe want to investigate what's on offer without fully committing like we all used do (and we still do, we prefer to buy outright but totally get the subs model)

So, from our point of view you can continue on, R+ users can buy 3rd party REs even while they subscribe, they'll still have 3rd party RE licenses which they can either A) use with R+ subscription or B) buy Reason perpetual to get stock + 3rd party REs.

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Post 28 Apr 2021

pongasoft wrote:
28 Jan 2021
Since the "main" thread is up to 67 pages long, it is hard to follow and have a constructive discussion. So I wanted to start a thread specifically for developers and get their opinion/point of view.

So I guess I am going to start:

* the announcement of Reason Hi Res is by far the thing that is exciting me a lot since this is something that we have been begging for so long (timeline still unclear but at least it is official it is coming...)

* in terms of Reason+ I am very worried for the impact on REs. I think for the people who stick to the full purchase price it probably won't change much. For newcomers that are going to shell $20 a month for the full Reason and 70+ devices built-in, it is going to be very hard for them to shell more money to buy REs that yes they own, but they become useless the day they stop paying for the subscription although they have bought and paid full price for them.

I can imagine a few avenues that in my mind could alleviate the concerns and help Reason+ subscribers buy REs:

* this is something I have already talked about and reiterate here: release a FREE version of RRP which contains nothing but the rack (and a mixer). That way the RE you have purchased have a chance to be usable if you cancel your subscription and decide to go with another DAW (like if you had bought a VST plugin...)
* if you have subscribed for "long" enough (example, paid for a full year) you should be able to fall back to the latest version of Reason Studio (and fine if you don't get all the 70+ REs that come with it but just the ones that would be included in a non subscription version). For example, I subscribe to Jetbrains toolbox yearly for their IDEs (~$140 a year), and if I stop my subscription, I automatically get a license for the last version of all their tools that was released before my subscription expires. Again that way, the REs you have purchased are still usable even if you cancel your subscription.
* somewhat a mix of both: if you cancel your subscription, you get a license to use RRP only, that way your REs are still valid
* release Reason++ which contains Reason+ and ALL REs (for a higher price obviously) and find a way to pay the developer a fair share... that way you never buy any REs nor Reason, you just lease all of it..

I would appreciate if only developers would chime in and please don't turn it into a flaming war...

I agree with everything you've said and proposed the same. It seems weird that they would on one hand offer rent to own for devices, but then not do the same for the DAW using Reason+ subscription.

They should like you said have a free RRP...that way all the rack extensions become enticing to an audience beyond even just the Reason perpetual and Reason+ subscribers...kind of like Unity game engine. They have a free version of the engine, but they still make bank off their asset store.

Then, for those who subscribe for long enough, maybe 2 years...they should get a credit for the latest version of Reason up until whatever point they stop subscribing. But it should be for the DAW only and none of the paid Reason Rack Extensions.

That way anyone who walks away from R+ still would have the DAW they've earned through monthly payments or at the very least the free RRP that they can use with and Rack Extensions they've paid for.

It makes a lot of sense and could really drive interest in the DAW, Reason+ and the Reason Shop.

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