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Post 29 Jan 2021

Billy+ wrote:
29 Jan 2021
Loque wrote:
29 Jan 2021

If you are really interested, you should ask James private, so DM him. I mean, if you are REALLY interested in providing content.
I understand the need for privacy, but I think it might be valuable to all to see open honest discussions.

And the way you talk the last days i am pretty sure, you wont get any offer. Sorry to say that, but i whish you good luck :thumbup:
:reason: 11, Win10 64Bit.

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Post 29 Jan 2021

My updated 2 pennies -

I have to state publicly that established sound designers are getting offered agreeable deals for the sound packs. It's really fair, which I was not expecting.

From my interactions today I would say that this whole subscription thing is in early access. They (RS) do indeed appear looking after us which I expect given a little time will extend into the RE market. It's just that IMHO it's all been rolled out waaaaay to frigging early, but it's not all doom and gloom, it's a very significant change but it's not all bad.

To all of the RS crew - Please keep all of us devs in mind. Just approach us and we will likely work something out. Also please don't assume that we are all forum/discord/social media users.... most of us have been doing that shit for 20 years or more and are bored of it now - just email directly or even call and I'm sure we will figure something out.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. :)


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