I have a huge latency in Reaper when triggering sounds

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Post 22 May 2023

Hi, I have a huge latency in Reaper when triggering sounds, as example when clicking on the Redrum play buttons. I have put 64 as a buffer, but it doesn't help.
I use Mackie ASIO drivers. Also I think I used to not have latency like this before. Any idea what causes it or where to look at to fix this?

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Post 22 May 2023

Can you define "huge" latency? Is it 12ms or 100ms ?

In any case if this is a new problem, here are some things to check:
- You use Mackie ASIO drivers but maybe something has happened that has reverted back to the native Windows drivers. So check again that the Mackie ASIO drivers are still being used.
- Make sure both Reason and Reaper are set up to use ASIO
- Reinstall the latest version of the Mackie drivers.
- try a higher buffer setting and see what impact
- ensure you have the latest USB drivers
- check the USB cable to your audio interface. Presume it is connected directly to your PC and not through a Hub...
- Run task manager and see what else is running/competing for CPU on your computer

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Post 22 May 2023

If you've got any FX in the signal path you could try to remove those and see if this fixes the latency.

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