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Post 21 Feb 2023

"It's a plan, not a promise."

Posted September 7, 2021 (link: ) - the first time in history that Reason Studios/Propellerhead have ever made a "roadmap" public
  • Smart browser – October - In Reason 12 we delivered a new fresh and fast browsing experience. In October we plan to ship an update that organizes all your content in a better way and makes finding patches and sounds much easier. UPDATE: PUSHED FORWARD (IN OTHER WORDS, THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT IN DEVELOPMENT)
  • Hi-res rest of Reason – October - For Reason 12 the focus was to make the rack hi-res but in October we will ship an update UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • More styles for Combinator 2.0 – November - Most of us spend too much time choosing the right button or knob to make our Combinators really pop. They make the Combinator so much more fun, and we want to have an even broader selection. And my personal testing shows that good looking Combinators sound better too..
  • M1 support – December - Reason will be updated to run natively on the Apple M1/M2 processor.
  • VST3 support –January - Yes, you read that right! VST3 support is coming to Reason. This is a big project, but we are working to deliver this as soon as possible which is why it’ll take a bit longer than other stuff on the roadmap. UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • Reason+ subscribers will get these as part of their subscription and the plan is to deliver them as free point upgrades to Reason 12 owners too.
Posted November 17, 2021 (link: ... t-officer/ )
  • Under development - New Device – Bassline Generator (Player) - We will broaden our “Player” series with a new device which we feel complements the current Players nicely. The Bassline Generator! That’s all we can share for now, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information… it may land just in time to fill some Christmas stockings. UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • New Device – (Effect) - Our next big device is a modern take on a classic effect, planned for early 2022. Co-founder and DSP guru Peter is locked away in the lab cooking up something amazing. We’re not quite ready to share more details yet but we think you’ll really like it! UPDATE: COMPLETED BV-1 VOCODER
  • Hi-res – Last fixes - Early January we think we are completely done and can move on with our lives. A huge transformation will come to an end, but very worth it and more future proof. UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • Combinator – More control styles  - Broader selection of delightful Combinator buttons and knobs for even more options when making a fantastic Combinator panel. Will be added in a Reason update as soon as possible.
  •  Native M1 support  - We will work on this during the first few months of 2022 and expect to have it enabled by May. Yes, we know this is later than previously anticipated, and all we can say to you with newly purchased Mac’s is…sorry. However, Rosetta in macOS still works great until Reason works natively on the Apple M1 processor. UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • VST3 support - There are technical reasons for addressing VST3 in alignment with M1, therefore we will have the same ambition for the VST3 release as M1. UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • Under Investigation - New devices  - It is always part of our plan to release several creative devices during a year. And we are always eager to listen to you guys on what you are missing or what you have dreamt of. Please reach out to us on social media! UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • Authorization/Offline mode for Reason+ - We have not forgotten about this key capability. We are investigating it and it is part of our next year plan! UPDATE: COMPLETED (UPDATE MAY 2023 - OBJEKT RELEASED)/b]

  • Pushed forward - Smart browser - In our last blog post, we said we would further improve our browser to facilitate organizing the content better. However, we have decided to push this forward for now. The current browser is not stupid, it is already relatively smart, but at some point, we will make it even smarter.

    That was all for now folks
Posted June 3, 2022 (link: ... june-2022/ )
  • We will release one more player before summer, which is a unique Reason Studios take on creating chord progressions. UPDATE: COMPLETED (released Chord Sequencer)
  • For the second half of the year, we are already deep in research on an ambitious instrument, developed in-house by the team you are familiar with by now: Mattias, Ludvig and Andreas together with DSP-genius and Propellerhead co-founder Peter Jubel. /Mod note: This likely ended up being Objekt Synth which is due in May 2023 UPDATE: MAY 2023 - OBJEKT RELEASED ... on/objekt/
  • we are now working full throttle on VST3 support. Our VST3 hosting can already load and play instruments and effects, but many refinements are left, and we are expecting it to reach your hands end of year. UPDATE: COMPLETED (arrived in Reason 12.5)
  • Reason M1 native support development will start off with threading optimisations we believe will affect performance and battery life positively for all platforms including non M1-macs. UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • Development of offline support for Reason+ has started UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • Good to know: To keep up this high pace of development, we’re also excited to announce that Niklas Backlund, founder of Robotic Bean, has joined the team full-time. Most recently we worked with him on both Beat Map and Bassline Generator so having Niklas and his cutting-edge competence in music making and DSP here full-time is a great boost. Niklas will continue to run Robotic Bean, albeit in his spare time.

Posted December 16, 2022 (link: ... as-agevik/ )

  • native Apple silicon support (M1/M2) - currently in closed alpha testing UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • new authorization solution that will make the offline support in Reason 12 simpler than today and bring offline support to Reason+ UPDATE: COMPLETED
  • During 2023 we’ll keep adding features to Reason 12 to continue making it the best version of Reason ever.  It’s too early to share exactly what we’re working on, but we’ll post an update as we get closer to a release.

Feel free to chime in to this thread with updates/corrections. Thought it would be cool to keep a running tab. ;) :thumbup:
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Post 21 Feb 2023

Very useful thread, thank you!

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Thank you for this history overview. :thumbup: Looking forward to the M1 release

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the Combinator 2 did get some additional knob and button options. i assume sometime between nov 21 and june 22
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Amazing, it is not easy to do this work but I am VERY happy now. Reason works great on new Macs, and Objekt is ABSOLUTELY insanely good.
Thanks Reason.
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There is clearly a delay in the roadmaps, but hey!? Who said software development is easy, planable and predictable? Complicated and complex things need there time...
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Everything except the smart browser.

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Post 13 May 2023

Hoping we get an updated Roadmap with clear features mentioned in development. So far almost everything they said they'd do has been released (aside from the smart browser and some more Combinator stuff).
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