Copy and paste notes from one Reason 12 track to another?

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Post 09 Mar 2023

This probably has a simple solution. How do you copy (or cut) selected MIDI notes in one track and paste them into another separate track?

I want to take the bass notes in a MIDI keyboard part and paste them into a separate track, then use a separate synthesizer plugin for them. I'm running Reason 12 in MacOS Ventura 13.2.1.

I tried selecting notes, typing cmd-C, then going to the new track, re-positioning the cursor, and typing cmd-V. Nothing happens. What's going on?

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Post 10 Mar 2023

Did you created a clip in the other track and opened the note editor before you pasted the notes?
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Post 10 Mar 2023

You can also copy paste the midi clips or the entire device and track, then drag the notes from there.
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Post 10 Mar 2023

Just option/alt drag the clip into the new track.
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