How to increase volume beyond max of audio track?

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Post 22 Jan 2023

The volume of my audio recording is not enough. I don't have an ASIO device, just a regular mic, and its sensitivity is not enough. I have two choices.
1. I can select all other tracks and decrease their volume.
2. Increase the audio track's volume beyond its max if possible.

If there is no way to go beyond max, I will go with the number 1 option. If there is a tool to increase volume, let me know.

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Post 22 Jan 2023

Have you tried to normalize the recorded audio track (it's in the right-click menu)?

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Post 22 Jan 2023

Have you turned up the input gain on the SSL for that channel? Though if this mic is very low sensitivity, then you have a big chance of turning up the noise floor too.

What is your setup exactly? Any decent mic should give you a workable signal, though some USB mics can be pretty dire…
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Post 23 Jan 2023

Maybe you could explain your setup? What model mic and hardware interface are you using and what peak levels are you hitting when recording?
Are you possibly plugging a dynamic mic into a line input, or some other non-standard setup?
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