To RE developers: What's your own favorite RE that you've made?

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Post 16 Feb 2022

selig wrote: ↑
07 Apr 2020
I would have to say the Leveller is my favorite, with the ColoringEQ as a close second. Both do things that are still not available with any other product on any platform (which is always a goal for me), and is exactly why I created them in the first place. :)
Indeed, there's nothing like the Leveller (that I'm aware of) in the plugin world. Nothing does what the Leveller does, which is in fact a really useful trick. And it's so easy to use.

And since FXpansion hasn't chimed in (think they're focused on VST now) I'll do so for them ;-) Their 9-year-old EnvShaper, simple as it is, gives immediate results that you won't get from any other transient designer/compressor. Both of these (Leveller, EnvShaper) are irreplaceable outside of the RE world.

Leveller: ... g-leveler/
EnvShaper: ... envshaper/

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Post 17 Feb 2022

selig wrote: ↑
16 Feb 2022
Tomeo55 wrote: ↑
16 Feb 2022

I second this. I use it on almost all vocals usually first or early in the chain. Then coupled with a good compressor and proper EQing is a game changer.

I wanted to ask, do you think the Leveler should go first as in before subtractive EQ or after and why?
Leveler doesn't want to see the input change after you set it, since that could affect the results (even more so than downwards compressors), so I always put it as early as possible. The goal is to not make adjustments to any device upstream from the Leveler, and that's the main reason I put it early in the signal path.
Got it, I really think I have an amazing vocal chain now.

And I have to say, I just tried your Infuser and I'm completely BLOWN AWAY. For months I was looking for a specific vocal effect that I heard from another artist, got close to it and learned things along the way, but this Infuser really gave me the sparkle I was looking for. I don't know how you managed to do it, but thank you. Of course my mixing skills along the chain help in this regard as well. The Infuser is sitting as the last piece in the signal chain now
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zvork wrote: ↑
19 Apr 2020
A bit late to the party but I would say the favorite RE that I made is... LeSpace!! Yeah, I just find myself sprinkling it all over my rack just to widen everything and make my tracks breath more. Oberon was obviously the most complex and work consuming and the one I am most proud of technically speaking but LeSpace is just so useful for me on a day to day basis. Love it!
I just bought lespace part of your pack and didn't play with it much yet, I'll test it further.
But OBERON, oh my..... I find it fantastic, I could even not wait for a discount πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ.
It is certainly one of the best looking and ergonomic synths out there. And if you accept not having effect on board, the sound is crazy good. It is really a glorious work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.
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The Double Dutch is hands above my Fav. I felt like I was doing something truely unique there. Even though can be difficult to master or (apparently ) understand, it can some unique sonic tones. It is also the most hated one that I've made, so there you go. But I reach for it the most when I'm playing around with sound design and want to take something into critical overdrive.
Its really good for Japanoise, too

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Post 12 Jun 2023

f3ilter wrote: ↑
28 Apr 2023
Its really good for Japanoise, too
OK now I'm interested

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Post 12 Jun 2023

I'm not a RE developer, but I made a Remote Map for Softube Console 1, see viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7493177&hilit=console1

With this Remote Map I'm sticking to Reason as my mixing DAW.

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Post 11 Apr 2024


After a bit of a think, it would be Needle Distortion. While I'm extremely happy with Phaser-DDL as well, it doesn't feel the same way because it isn't made from the ground up with just own hard work, whereas Needle is. Also I find myself using Needle a lot more - even if it's just listening to a lot of music in general through it.

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