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CharlyCharlzz wrote:A Reason Meet Up Section !

I always wanted this in the old forum , I know aint nobody from Swiss Around here but if I travel to UK , Germany , USA or whatever ...Sweden LOL well I would find cool to be able to say it on the board and maybe meet up with some folks !
eusti wrote:
I'm on another forum and there is a section called travel plans... The people can figure out if they are in that area at that time and want to meet up... It's a private forum though you don't actually have to worry about inviting people to break into your place while you're gone... :P

That is a very cool option i would say !

I know Apple or Google is working on something like that wich is alertîng you if somebody from the crew is in the area ,
thinking on it maybe Props discover thing will turn like that ?!?! :D

@brent , yhea OT is fine I will add pics of the Streets I'm at myself :)
It does not die , it multiplies !

 7.101 and I will upgrade maybe this summer .

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Maybe a sub-forum for 'technical support' wouldn't be bad?  Maybe 'Unofficial Reason technical support'?  

There could be a note in the description with Propellerhead's technical support contact info.

We all know how things can be after business hours and on the weekends...
And questions will arise in the forums.  And the community in the past has been able to come to the rescue on quite a few of those pleas for help. And many of those questions inevitably get repeated.  

Would be nice to keep technical support questions in one place for people to browse easily =)

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