Nektar Panorama Remote Maps Thread

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Post 24 Jul 2019

Jackjackdaw wrote:
24 Jul 2019
Thanks for the offer but I am not going to pursue the self mapping route. Too much head scratching for me. I have just been in touch with a guy from Nektar who suggested a new update should be coming soon which should satisfy my needs. I’m looking forward to it!
You can use Nektarine in Reason.. Works on the T and P series.

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Post 27 Jul 2019

Lizard wrote:
16 Sep 2015
Good News!!!! Nektar has provided some instruction on how to create your own maps and modify if you see fit.

Link to Nektar Remote Mapping Instructions:

Mapping Rack Extensions for Panorama

Just an FYI - this link is dead. It no longer works.
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Post 27 Jul 2019

Over 3000 maps across all of the range now... :)

This YouTube link talks about the new Grab method used can be found here...

New Mapping
P and T series full maps:-
Props Monotone
uJam Mellow
uJam Rowdy
uJam Royal

Mapping Updated
T-Series, About 70 new grab maps added.
Impact about 30 new grab maps
P series several new grab maps

Files updated
Panorama.remotemap <P4 and P6
PanoramaP1.remotemap <P1
Panorama2.remotemap <T4 and T6

Where to get the new files ... T4sra?dl=0

This file has to be replace\merged and can be found at:-
Windows: C:\ProgramData\Propellerhead Software\Remote\Maps\Nektar
OSX: //Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/Remote/Maps/Nektar
Then restart Reason.

When backing up the existing file, back it up to a totally new directory (It can cause issues backing up in place).

Please make sure you have the latest codec files from Nektar (comes as part of the install, last updated 2017-10)

Is there a mapping that you would like added, for quickness I can do a grab map, export the remote info from the File menu, Export Remote Device Info and upload via

If you would like a full map then feel free to contact me but please watch this first, thank you.


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