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Post 31 Mar 2021

EnochLight wrote:
17 Feb 2021
Creativemind wrote:
17 Feb 2021
Yeah the Juno-106 is one of my synth-wants. Hope you got a good price for it? ;)
I did, actually, though I sold it with the MSQ-100 sequencer that goes with it as well. It needed to have at least 2 voice chips replaced (likely all 6 at some point), the filter chips were starting to act a little wonky, and the battery needed to be de-soldered and replaced. And that was just the "regular" maintenance that it needed. I'm sure the potentiometers on various sliders would fail at some point, as most felt a little grindy.
If you or anyone else on here needs work like that done, hit me up (if you're in the US, especially in the upper Midwest). I do synth repairs as a side-gig and have had a pretty solid success rate with saving those old wonky chips. The sliders usually just need opening up, cleaning the resistive tracks and wipers, and lubing the parts that rub metal-to-metal.

That said, I do have a Juno-106 here that needs a lot of work, that hopefully will be ready to go this fall. Follow my shop Instagram and hit me up if you have any repair needs or gear wants:

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Post 31 Mar 2021

DJMaytag wrote:
31 Mar 2021
Follow my shop Instagram and hit me up if you have any repair needs or gear wants:
Cool; good to know. Not sure how much shipping would be from where I'm at to Waunakee, WI, but if my JX8P repair isn't successful, I might get in contact. Cheers
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