Spectral Plugins goes out of business and sets its plugins free

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Post 02 Apr 2024

Here's the article from Synth Anatomy: https://synthanatomy.com/2024/04/spectr ... -free.html

Spacer is a modular multi-FX that includes grain delay, grain reverb and convolution reverb. Both VST2 and VST3.

Here's their website:https://spectral-plugins.com/

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Post 02 Apr 2024

I bought Spacer awhile back and it is pretty good. The one thing that irks me is that when you save a preset with a custom name, and then save your Reason / Bitwig / Live project, the next time you open up your project, the custom name is gone. You have to remember to go to the User Preset folder and choose it again. So when you are using Spacer and creating a custom preset be sure to name it and add it to the title of your project so you know which custom preset to choose.

Funny though, this week I updated to the 1.0.4 version I got in an email from Spectral I was hoping that this would be fixed but it wasn't. But... I realized that after a quick test... although the custom name of the preset doesn't show, and each section seem to be set back to defaults, they are not. They are still the same as I created them, it is just that all the headers are titles "No Preset" which is confusing.
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Post 05 Apr 2024

--- EDIT --- forget that, I was looking in the wrong spot :redface:

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