How to automate the "alt" track button while recording (thanks Poohbear).

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Post 17 Feb 2024

I learned this technique from Carly (Poohbear) and have it saved as a part of all my Reason templates. It's such a great way to record alternate takes or impromptu ideas when playing to a loop. Thanks Carly!

And if you want to disable it, just hit mute on the MIDI out sequencer channel.

The video shows the old version of the MIDI out device. It still works with the new device.
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Post 18 Feb 2024

nice... thank you for this :thumbs_up: ... d-playlist
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Post 21 Feb 2024

very cool, thanks.

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Post 25 Mar 2024

How do you do this using the new midi out device? I have had no luck getting it to work. What is the mme loop midi port? Is that something that i need to have installed. This is all I have. See screenshot.
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Post 25 Mar 2024

Yes, you have to install a MIDI loopback driver like

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