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Dave Beep
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Post 05 Feb 2024


I'm using the reason Rack effect plugin in Live and it is not reporting delay compensation correctly.

According to Ableton, it adding using 64 samples / 0.73ms latency.

I am having to add around 27.5ms extra compensation manually to get the track to sync.

The effects in the rack are:
- Polar Dual Pitch Shifter
- Channel Dynamics

This is using Reason 11 and Ableton live 10.

Is this a known issue? Is it fixed in R12?

Dave Beep
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Post 05 Feb 2024

OK so stupidly I googled and read a bit after posting this. Polar is not even delay compensated within Reason standalone and or even internally within it's own routing of the dry signal. I assume the issue is specific to that device.

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Post 05 Feb 2024

Yeah polar is that weird kid at school. He's awesome once you get to know him! 😄

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Post 27 Feb 2024

neither the dry signal routing nor the standalone version of the program does Polar use delay compensation. It seems that the problem is isolated to that particular device.
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