Messing with Bitwig Studio 5

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Post 25 Jan 2024

Reason is my Go-To because I always know where I should go and what it's going to do

But not gonna lie, I've been dating Bitwig on the side lately. Trying to learn it, while endlessly buying new toys until my laptop eventually malfunctions from overload.

So, still new to Bitwig, getting the hang of it. Reason is visually beautiful, but the Bitwig interface is so simple. It kinda looks similar to Maschine 2.. flat graphics, but when it comes to music making I don't think that's bad. Simple things. You don't need to scroll/up/open mixer at the top, audio level is just there on the individual track. That's nice. I also think non-graphics leads to better load times.

However, (and why I opened Reason tonight) Bitwig doesn't recognize my new VST3 install. It's right there in Reason, and Reason wasn't even mentioned a supported DAW on their site. Bitwig can't see it.

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Post 25 Jan 2024

It's not a crime to use more than one DAW. Lots of us do it, especially now that Reason is a plugin.

Bitwig has never caught my imagination but I do keep an eye on developments there. Their most recent major version took a turn in a direction I think of as a bit geeky but that I know others on here would absolutely love. Whatever floats yer boat.

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