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Post 18 Jan 2023


This takes the long route on progressing the arrangement, much more sedate/chilled out than my usual tracks. It does get there with variation and some heavy drum grooves, but doesn't pack it all into first minute. My reasoning for this is that I have listened extensively over the last month to latest tracks in this genre (think late-night underground radio shows) and they take things a lot slower in terms of progressing the arrangement than what I normally do - hence me trying slow progress.

In the breakdown I play a super simple piano ditty, intended to be weak and childlike. Kind of wanted it to jar and take you on a different route. And.. the drum groove was brought to life using Cong Burn Strokes (https://www.congburn.co.uk/strokes) to produce interesting Euclidean rhythms.

The talking is from a TV documentary that I recorded years ago. It's just some laid-back dude talking about having his wedding in a manor house.

Overall - I have erred more towards an organic/creative/loose production, rather than a technically tight/hard-hitting mix.

Verbs courtesy of Valhalla and delays courtesy of u-he Colour Copy, UVI Relayer and Reason's The Echo. Glitch/looping weirdness added using Sugar Bytes Looperator, Cableguys Shaperbox, Toolroom Infinite etc.
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Post 18 Jan 2023

Wow! Many intresting elements. everything fits despite that full packed arrangement. Club number!

From the point of view, the delay on the vocal could be to wet and long and a bit to loud . On other hand it give the vocal a special touch and focus. It makes the track not to standard and smooth.
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