ASIO Studio USB Asio Driver disappeared

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Post 07 Dec 2022

I've been using Reason for the past 6-7 years or so (using Reason 5, 7, 10, and now currently 12). I updated my computer (using Windows 10), and the driver I primarily used (ASIO Studio USB Asio Driver) stopped working. I loved this driver as I could run inputs, outputs, and have multiple audio sources playing congruently (i.e. Reason, YouTube, and Window Media Player) as I did my work. I only have the option to select ASIO4ALL (I really hate this driver lol), and the other generic drivers. Any advice for restoring this driver?

For context:
My interface is a PreSonus Studio 24c.
I am an Electrical Engineer, so be as technical as possible so I can resolve this please.
I have done all of the reinstalls and updates I can think of.


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Post 08 Dec 2022

Some Windows7 drivers can be modified by editing their .inf file so they can also be installed in Windows 10. Searching the web for this could give you some useful tutorial on how to do this exactly.

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You have to use the Windows 10 driver now. I use a Studio68c with no issues under Windows 10 Home (similar driver package, plays audio in DAW and browser as needed, etc). Can you confirm this is the driver package you've been downloading and working with?

What does 'Device Manager' show in Windows?

Right-Click Start menu > select 'Device Manager' (expand both sections I've illustrated and show us what you have present - you can see my Studio68c entries in both). Yours may show some flags / warnings on the device listing (if it's even present / detected):


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