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Post 22 Sep 2022


Am I correct in thinking that text events are discarded when loading a midi file?

Sometimes these can contain important information, like chord names or segment markers.

If they are not discarded how do I view them?

If they are discarded, perhaps I should make a feature request?


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The Standard MIDI File format (SMF) can include meta-data like copyright and lyrics. SMF can also include track names, markers, etc. But they'd have to be included in the export from the original source. In the meantime, go ahead and push Props to bring text data in if it's in an SMF.

Reason is pretty limited regarding text --- track/channel names and clip labels, device names, block names, and the song information window. There are also various note-taking REs, like the TMA Commentators. Other than that, I can't think of anywhere that text metadata could appear.

For the nerdists among us, here's a link to information on the SMF Format Spec 1.1

http://www.music.mcgill.ca/~ich/classes ... ormat.html
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Post 22 Sep 2022

Thanks. I'll ask for that from Props.

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