Bjork / Mark Bell "trip-hop" style drums in reason?

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Post 12 Aug 2022

Hey folks.

I have been a big fan of Bjork's music for years. A lot of her songs would fall under the Trip-Hop genre with the likes of Portishead and Massive Attack etc.
I'm particularly interested in some of the drum sounds she uses, I think Mark Bell helped program some of the drums too on this album. The sounds of the drums I would describe as industrial or robotic and almost feel like they are breathing (will provide examples below), this drum style is used in several of her songs such as "All Is Full Of Love" and "Unravel".

I understand there is some bit crushing/bit reduction going on, use of low pass filter , lots of high ends being filtered out, some reverse samples too (like on the "snare"). The snare almost sounds like a pitched down, reverbed tennis ball being hit and I'm at the point where I'm literally sampling clips of tennis balls being hit to try achieve it :D .

I have read up online and some people suggest it's a 909 type snare pitched down, duplicated and a reversed layer added on top. But I still have trouble with matching the kick, snare etc. in her songs.

If anyone knows how to achieve this particular sound and is willing point me in the right direction or has the time to show in reason it would be hugely appreciated, I have not found any tutorials that accurately match the sound of her drums.

example's of drums..

Thanks for any advice.
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Post 12 Aug 2022

For the snare sound you could try to first drown a snare sample in reverb and then bandpass it with a rather narrow band in the lower mids from 250-1200 Hz.

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