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Post 11 May 2022

Hey RT

Here's a challenge / problem;

When setting Subtractor's Filter freq dial, the tool tip simply shows a value between 0-127. What frequency is say '78'?

When automating the Fader on the Main Mixer in the sequencer, it shows an enormous value range - but what gain reduction am I getting when I set it to '237'?

When using a combinator knob, what parameter(s) within the device and what are the value(s) that are changing?

To tackle the above, I suggest a little info bar or box in the transport section (perhaps something similar to abletons lives info section) which can assist in providing additional info to the parameter that you are changing/select or hover over - be it in the Rack, Mixer or Sequencer.
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Post 23 May 2022

Sounds pleasant :-)

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