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I'm trying to put an effects chain on an electric guitar I want to record, but I want the guitar to first go through a wah effect in reason, then out to a hardware fuzz pedal, then back to Reason. I have the clean guitar signal going into input 2 and the fuzzed one going into input 1. Ideally I would like to be able to have the guitar go through whole chain of effects and then just record the fuzzed end result, without having to record the guitar from input 2 first, and I would like to be able to just hear input 1 while I do it, but whenever I turn off monitoring or bring down the fader on the input 2 track I lose the audio out signal from it and therefore lose the signal to input 1 as well. This is my first go at this type of thing so I'm wondering if there's a solution that I'm missing?

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Depending on what interface you have, there are a few different ways I think. You can wire cables without using a mixing channel for the clean->fuzz->out to hardware interface separate out, if your interface has ,to hardware effect and from there back into an input channel on your interface and take that into a mix channel in reason. Kind of that I think would be doable, kind of basic way. Other way would be using pre fader routines in reason or on mixer something like x32 would open up even more possibilities.
Never tried it , so just guessing by me.might help a bit

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