Enlightenspeed's Agnostik - Piece & Patch - Double Competition (Last day - December 19)

Great fun, great prizes! Good luck!
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Post 13 Oct 2021

Enlightenspeed and ReasonTalk are happy to announce The Enlightenspeed Agnostik Competition.
This will be a double contest... one for Agnostik patches and second for musical pieces/songs.

https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack ... /agnostik/
• Entries must be emailed to reasontalkcontest@gmail.com (WITH "AGNOSTIK" IN THE SUBJECT LINE)
For musical piece/song entries - Please include: 1) a link to your track, and 2) your ReasonTalk username 3) "Agnostik" in the subject line
For patch entries - Please include 1) a zipped folder of the submitted patch/es, and 2/ your ReasonTalk username.
• Entries must be submitted by 23:59:59 PST on December 19 (before 12:00AM / 00:00 PST December 20).
• Only one song entry per participant.
- Submit as many patches as you want, but note that one well crafted patch will be worth more than 100 "quickies".
• No remixes or cover songs. Your work must be 100% original.
• Do not use copyrighted samples or material that hasn’t been cleared in your songs.
- If you wish to make combinator patches, this is fine, but do not use anything which is not included as standard with Reason+. The only exception to this is that you may use other current* Enlightenspeed plugins such as Note Filter, Inspiral etc.
*Don't use the discontinued products Chordbank or Melodic Inverter.
• Be aware that we will ask you to provide the Reason project file to check for compliance to these rules. If you bounce to track, leave the original lane/device intact!
• Enlightenspeed reserves the right to showcase all song submissions on the Agnostik product page.
• Enlightenspeed reserves the right to showcase all patch submissions in the patch folder of the Agnostik device.

• All instrument sounds must originate from Reason+ included instruments, no other 3rd party REs or VSTs are permitted. These instruments must be showcasing usage of Agnostik in some meaningful way.
• External Sounds Allowed:
= Drum/percussion samples (VST drums are fine, and can be bounced at entrants discretion, but they cannot be providing anything other than rhythms - no disco samples etc. are allowed)
= Recorded vocal tracks

• All Reason+ included effects, and nothing else.

Both contests will be:
• 1st place: All current Enlightenspeed plugins (Agnostik, MeloDramatik,Inspiral, Note Filter/Alter/Humanizer/Latch)
• 2nd place: Agnostik plus 3 other Enlightenspeed plugins of your choice
• 3rd place: Agnostik

Enlightenspeed and ReasonTalk Team

Good luck to you all,
Brian & the ReasonTalk Team

Countdown timer: https://www.watchisup.com/countdown/eve ... 2-19-23-59
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Post 14 Oct 2021

Hey folks,

Hope you all are well :D

Just wanted to say good luck and have fun to everyone entering the competition. Please note that a new version of Agnostik will be available within a day or so, it's just waiting on the shop clicking it through. So keep an eye on the shop, probably today and tomorrow then reload it.

Cheers, and an extra thanks to Challis and all the fine folks at RT for hosting this :D

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Post 14 Oct 2021

Can I recommend on both current competition to add a link to the product in the Reason Shop.

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Post 14 Oct 2021

Carly(Poohbear) wrote:
14 Oct 2021
Can I recommend on both current competition to add a link to the product in the Reason Shop.
Good call

https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack ... /agnostik/

It needs to be Challism to update the OP.


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Post 13 Nov 2021

Hi folks,

It came to my attention a couple of weeks ago that there was a bug with loading patches in Agnostik. Basically, if you saved a patch then reloaded it later it wouldn't load the scale properly.

We have now submitted a new version to the store, and await it clearing acceptance testing at RS - this normally only takes a couple of days.

Bugs happen, that's a fact of life, but in this case, running a patch competition for patches that won't reload is obviously unworkable. So, we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to these competitions by a month, until the 19th of December.

Apologies for any hassle, and enjoy the extension :D


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