Song about Covid 19 (With lyric video)

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Post 17 Feb 2021

Third track by duo think+sync which is myself and Benedict Roff-Marsh.

Please do not discuss the political lyrical content here, you can do so on the video itself or dm me if you are nice.

We are hoping to have a 4 track EP finished very soon.

Any comments / criticisms / questions welcome, cheers!

Watch here:

Download the song for free here:

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Post 17 Feb 2021

Thanks, I hate it.
Which I guess means it's good art.
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Post 17 Feb 2021

it’s pretty terrible. and that’s setting aside the politics. normally I’d keep my opinion to myself in such cases, but since the message of this song is actually dangerous, I don’t feel bad for saying it.

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Post 17 Feb 2021

Yeah I thought political stuff was banned from RT? I've had posts deleted for a lot less....

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Post 17 Feb 2021

"Art is the thing I only love, anything else should be destroyed."


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