[ambient/soundscape/drone/experimental] Loss (album)

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Post 22 Nov 2020

So I thought I'd end the year by record a hippie sub Eno New Age feel good album of 90s ambient for playing in meditation rooms with scented candles. Turned out when I listened back to it, I'd made the bleakest music of my life, so fuck you 2020.

I'm really pleased with it.

Some technical stuff if you're interested. The drones were mainly made with Thor and Europa, and some sine waves in Subtractor. There's also one track with Expanse and another with a VK-2. Shorter sounds were made either with Scenic or I used some NN-19 presets. Piano sounds were done with Radical Piano.

Most of the instruments were put through a Synapse DR-1 Deep Reverb, which is my favourite, and/or an Ekssperimental Sounds ES204 filter delay. I also used a DDL-1 a bit for extra delays, RV-7000 for send reverbs, and there's a Rob Papen RPVerb although actually I don't really like it that much. Shorter sounds were also processed in a few places with a FutzBox for a bit more coloration.

I processed every instrument through the Black Knight eq and the Synapse RE-160 compressor (which truth be told I chose at random. I know shit all about compression). I used the same set up to provide a bit of consistency of the sound although the setting were tailored individually for each instrument. Plus I did a bunch of fiddly gain staging which I've never tried before

I also added a Red Rack Sound RE 200 Bass Enhancer to some of the drones. One of my pet peeves about ambient and drone music is how often there's no bottom end.

All five pieces were processed in the master section using an Ekksperimental Sounds 4 channel dub preamp for warmth and a Kuassa Kratos 2 Maximizer (again chosen randomly and because I like the GUI). . Finally I mastered them externally in T-Racks.

Hope you like it.

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