How to use Reason's Pulsar Dual LFO with a VST?

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I'm wondering how do you connect Reason's Pulsar Dual LFO with a VST? I've seen a video on YouTube using Pulsar Dual LFO with Thor but nothing on VSTs. Is there a tutorial someone where that shows how to use Reason's Pulsar Dual LFO with all of Reason's instruments and VSTs? I'm not too familiar with how the routing works, and what can be routed. Thanks!

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It's easy. Flip the Rack. Open the CV Programmer on the VST Shell. Patch the output of Pulsar LFO1 to CV Input 1. Flip the Rack again. Set the Parameter of CV1 according to your needs. Set the Amount to something other than 0. Set the Base Value to the 'normal' level for the parameter. For example, if you'd like the normal, unmodulated level of the Filter Cutoff to be about halfway up on the synth, set the Base Value to 50.
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