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Post 17 Oct 2020

I am redesigning Reason's VST interface for my Human-Computer Interaction class at university. I need a survey completed by users familiar with the system and I would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete this survey. It is 10 generic scale-based questions and one optional question about features you would like to see included in the system.

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... sp=sf_link

Thanks for your time!

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Post 17 Oct 2020

10 questions and 9 are the same. Good luck.
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Post 18 Oct 2020

Loque wrote:
17 Oct 2020
10 questions and 9 are the same. Good luck.
I don't agree.


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Post 18 Oct 2020

Loque wrote:
17 Oct 2020
10 questions and 9 are the same. Good luck.
I answered the questions as best as possible, but I feel these questions are trying to determine IF there is an issue. However, the testers already has planned to do a re-design, so this survey seems redundant at this point in time, no? I'm absolutely no expert on market research, but I would want to ask (at least) two more rounds of questions myself or include the follow up questions within one or two surveys.
From that perspective, the next survey would determine WHAT the issues are, if any. And a final survey would attempt to determine the possible solutions to be tested. And THEN, the actual testing begins… ;)

Like so:
#1: Is there a problem? (how happy are you with the current solution?)
Assuming the answer is yes…
#2: What problems are the most important to solve? (prioritize the issues by asking which issues affect the users the most)
Assuming you have found possible solutions to the most common issues:
#3: Which of these solutions best addresses the problems? (narrow down the possible solutions by getting feedback on which solutions make the most sense to the most users).
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Post 18 Oct 2020

I don't even understand the meaning of "System"... I suppose all kinds of random answers will be generated when loose terminology is used without a definition. Basically you get what you ask for...
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Post 18 Oct 2020

I was a bit unsure on system as well and no elaboration included. Design, functionality?

I added things I'd like to see at the end but wasn't sure it was relevant to the questionnaire but thought best to add it anyway.

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