Noobie Stereo/Mono Sum Question

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Post 08 Sep 2020


Just some quick questions regarding the subject manner.

If I have a device, say the Subtractor, connected to a reverb and then to a mix channel;
- is setting the stereo width of that channel to Zero, the same as disconnecting the right output of the Reverb so the channel is mono?

Another way to ask I think is;
When a stereo device is connected to a mix channel in Mono, are you only hearing the left output in Mono - or are you heading the sum of the L+R?

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Post 08 Sep 2020

AFAIK, you have two scenarios.
1. Will be a mono mix of both L+R.
2. Will be L only.
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Post 17 Jul 2021

It depends on how the Reverb behaves when you connect only the Left channel. If it senses that only one output is needed, it may sum internally before the Left output, so L becomes Mono. If not, then you'll only get the Left side of the reverb effect, which may or may not be noticeably different than the sum of L+R.

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