Pop song in a classic kind of way

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Post 10 Nov 2019

This song was written together with my neighbor, who also sung it. I played all the instruments. It was meant for children who are mentally disabled, and the song is about butterflies. It was recorded 17 years ago, I found the basic raw tracks on a backup disk, and made a new mix from it in Reason Suite 11 today.

I still remember the gear used , so here we go:

Bass: Rickenbacker 4003 - Tech21 Bassdriver DI
Guitar: Warmoth Soloist - Line6 POD v2
Keyboard: Korg N1 for all parts except drums
Drums: Yamaha RM1x
Recorded on a Roland VS 2480CD - then transferred to Cubase SX 2.2 and converted to .WAV
Vocal Microphone: Stagg LDC - cheap chinese but all I had at the moment

It is a rough dirty mix without automation, still have to figure out how to that in Reason, only own Reason for two weeks.......

Greetings from Miyaru.
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