vst3 in reason (bc patchwork) en midi controllers

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Post 08 Nov 2019

I'm in desperate need for integrating vst3 in my reason 10. My roland cloud plugins only work with vst3 (or audio units) but neither will work by default.
As a work around i now use bc patchwork and than use vst3 in reason.
This works okish, but with the downside that i cant assign controllers to the knobs. At least not that i know off.
How can i assign midi controllers and automation to VST3 plugins in BC patchwork?
Or is there any other way i can integrate vst3/au well in reason 10.x

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Post 09 Nov 2019

Kushview Element is now free and open source, it is stable (for me), Windows or MacOS, still updated (last updated few days ago), and you can assign 8 controllers, just the amount VST rack allows...
Why not?

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