Where to build a Midi-Controller prototype?

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Post 04 Nov 2019

Hi all,

I made a concept with a visualisation of my own usb midi controller (displays, endless knobs, led on/off buttons)
Maybe I want to push it forward via kickstarter, but at first I need a couple of testing sessions.

Where can I order a prototype, where can I send my concept that a prototyp will be build?

Any contacts or ideas (except faderfox)?

Greets from Germany

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Post 05 Nov 2019

You will need an electronics circuit and pcb designer, a mechanical CAD guy, a firmware coder and quite some cash to pay these people for their work (depending on the complexity of the project a few hundred hours each). Then you will need somebody to assemble and debug everything.
There are also companies that can offer you these services, but it will most likely be even more expensive.
If you're in Aachen, come and visit us at the Voidspace.

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Post 08 Nov 2019

Mhh, does nobody has some detailed info or contacts?

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Post 09 Nov 2019

based on the amount of replays I would say no. nobody has any details

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Post 09 Nov 2019

https://yaeltex.com/en/ I cannot vouch for them though, never used any of their products.
You can always build a prototype (with scripting) in lemur or touchosc type iOS apps.
And perhaps the most direct route is to write custom remote codecs for existing midi controllers, for example it is possible to create “components” on a controller as different virtual controllers so the knobs could be attached to combinators, and faders to the mixer, etc. with 2 way feedback of values. Look up koshdukai if this tickles your interest.

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