MIDI routing to Rack Plugin

This forum is for discussing the Reason Rack Plugin, the version of the Reason rack that runs as a VST3, AU, AAX in other DAWs.
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Surely Reason Studios didn't release the rack plugin without the ability to route separate MIDI channels from the host to separate instruments in the plugin, did they? Did they?! If this is possible, I can't seem to figure out how to do it. A tutorial video I found online suggested this was only possible by abusing the MIDI range parameters of a Combinator patch, which obviously only works when none of the MIDI track ranges overlaps with any other. Which sucks. Am I missing something?

All in all, I have to say that thus far (admittedly limited usage), I have been unimpressed by the performance of the rack plugin in Studio One. It feels very rushed and not ready for prime time. It's an immature product, of course, at less than a week old, but still. A couple examples:

- The instruments/players don't seem to reliably sync to the host timeline position. Press play in DAW, the Reason Drum Sequencer player starts as expected, press stop in the middle of a measure, DAW playhead returns to start but Drum Sequencer player isn't reset, press play in DAW again, the Drum Sequencer starts wherever it previously left out -- out of sync with the host.

- As bad (or worse), they don't even sync to one another. Press play on the Drum Sequencer and play a beat or two, then press Run on an instance of Octorex and they'll each happily play at their own tempo and rhythm, ignoring the other.

- Bizarre "flashing" where the rack plugin rapidly disappears/reappears every few seconds when the "tutorial" panel isn't expanded in the plugin; when expanded, everything is fine.

Hopefully it will be well-supported going forward and this sort of thing will be patched/improved in time.

It's not all doom and gloom, though. I didn't experience any of the authorization or other issues some have. It installed and worked perfectly first try. And it sure is nice having access to Reason's instruments in Studio One! I only own 'Intro', but that functionality alone was worth the $99 upgrade.

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