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Post 17 May 2019

The bits and bobs that made this track...

ARPS and LEADS: COMPLEX-1 --- I just love the organic nature of this beast! Thumbs up Props for this beast.
BASS: Arturia Pigments - running through absolutely tons of FX... automated to heaven knows what level to morph over time.
DRUMS: D16 Punchbox and lots of one-shots cobbled together to give me what I wanted. Ends up running through API-2500 and also Empirical Labs Arouser to give it totally water-tight compression.

Note #1: Spent quite a bit of time EQ'ing up loads of tracks using Brainworx SSL 4000 E and Synapse GQ-7.

Note #2: 2bus the lot through Brainworx bx_masterdesk.

Note #3: 'Soon Come' is a popular Jamaican phrase.

Note #4: Hope you enjoy it!
All my music created, produced and mastered in Reason 10.4 (WIndows)

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