Dr Octo Rex - How do I Make Drum Loops in Pattern Sequencer Blend Together?

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I selected 8 different drum loops (A1 - A8) and drew them into the pattern sequencer. When they playback the clips don't really blend together like I want. For instance, a ride with loops with crashes leads into another another loops that is more chill drum part, stick cross. The problem is when the crash loop ends and the next loops begins, the last hit of the crash just stops suddenly instead of decaying/bleeding into the next loop like it would on a real drum set. Is there a way to blend the loops together somehow so that the decay on the loops blends into the next loop?

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Yeah, when you change patterns in Dr. Octorex, it can be pretty jarring.

One solution is to add a crash on Beat #1 of the new loop. You can copy a crash sample straight into a new Audio Track, or use something like Kong or Umpf to trigger it.

If you want cross-fading like you mention above, then I'm afraid you'll need to use two instances of Dr. Octorex. My suggestion is to create one instance just as you want it, then right click the device and select "Duplicate device". Once you have second device, you can automate the volume between the two of them to crossfade.

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I've no clue if this will help*, but perhaps:
- increase AMP Envolope's Sustain and Release parameters.
- try higher Polyphony setting.


* because maybe it only works within single loop, but not between the loops?
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Bounce your rex loops without any reverb or delay so the slices are nice and clean, then add your fx as inserts on the Dr. Rex track. It won't carry over crashes but it will give you better continuity overall.

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