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Post 14 Mar 2019

If case this has slipped through the net - look forward to seeing ©2019 on the next update :D
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Post 17 Mar 2019

I'm not a copyright expert on software, but it seems to reason* that version 10 is ©2018 and as it states, all specifications subject to change without notice, could allow for derivative works of that version (updates/changes) to the original code, just as updates to a song that was previously copyrighted can have. That's just my thoughts/opinions about it. I'd be curious to know what other reasons* people may have about it.

*You saw what I did there.
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Post 17 Mar 2019

This text does not have any relevancy IMHO. The only thing that matters is the EULA.
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Post 18 Mar 2019

I'm sure they will update it with 10.3.

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Post 18 Mar 2019

It says (c) 2018 because 10.2 came out in 2018. 10.3 will say (c) 2019.

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