The One-Man Industrial Doom Metal Band

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Post 06 Mar 2019

Check this out! I think it's really cool.

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Post 06 Mar 2019


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Post 06 Mar 2019

uhhh....the word 'overkill' comes to mind. Does this guy have too much time on his hands?

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Post 06 Mar 2019

Bigger knobs, heavier levers, faster horses
Country music was made of this.
Vlad the thread stopper

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Post 06 Mar 2019

my initial reaction was “why?”, but then when I think about how much of the gratification of playing live music comes from the physicality of what you’re doing, it makes complete sense—especially for heavier music like this. as a one-man-band, he’s limited from moving around too much on stage. this is the perfect solution.

very cool!

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