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Post 14 Feb 2019

I'm looking for a CV tool RE which would work in similar way as Select CV Switch (quantised switching) but instead of having pair of 8 inputs / 1 output, I would need 1 pair of CV inputs (gate/note) and 8 pairs of CV outputs.
This would allow me, in example, to distribute one sequence from Matrix to 8 different instruments/sounds and choose which one will receive CV signal.
I'm not sure if anything like this exist. I appreciate any help.
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Post 14 Feb 2019

In such cases you can always use a CV Spider/Splitter. There is one stock device in Reason. Additionally there are a few free RE available. I use mostly Lolth for such things.
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Post 14 Feb 2019

https://www.propellerheads.com/shop/rac ... or-sensor/

Can do what you are looking for. It is a bit complicated but it can do it. You need to add a knob for selecting the output though.

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Loque is right you can just use the stock CV splitters and stack them up with a little cabling.

There's also the one electrofux mentioned above and this one too which could save you some time, both are free: https://www.propellerheads.com/shop/rac ... -splitter/

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