Dynamic Sidechaining

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Post 08 Jan 2019

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So recently I have been looking for different ways of sidechaining and came across this video about using dynamic sidechaining in the mixer. This video shows how to make a single audio channel of a Kick, effects the dynamic sidechain in the mixer.
(Please watch this video to get an idea of how I am going about this.)


My question is;
Is there a way to wire up so that I can have two separate audio channels affecting the dynamic sidechain of other instruments?
Basically, I want the audio channel of a Kick and the audio channel of a Snare to effect to dynamic sidechain of other channels wired in.

I'm hoping there is some way of putting the INSERT FX [to device] from two audio channels (kick and snare) into a single Spider Audio Merger & Splitter's A (L) B (R) ... I know the Spider only has one of these (I think? I'm not fully clued on all the input/outputs on the Spider) but is there a way to wire it to make 2 available?

Any help or ideas would be amazing guys! :thumbs_up:

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Post 08 Jan 2019

I do this all the time. Split your side chain signals from Parallel output of the mix channel or wherever you want it from, and than mix all your side chain signal in a real mixer together and put the output from that rack mixer into your side chain input.

There might be other ways to do it, but this is the easiest for me.
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Post 08 Jan 2019

Audio Merge/Split in the insert slot.

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Post 10 Jan 2019

i've seen this in a video on youtube some day. but can't remember were. here is how i do it:

im using the first of the 8 send tracks as my sidchain source. i'm not at home but im trying to describe here

so in the rack the output of the send fx 1 goes to a spider spliter (i think i have on of that third party super spiders) and from there on can be routet to different busses or channels with compressors on were i need a sidechain signal. the return of send fx 1 is not connected.

and then you can enable the send fx 1 for example on your kick channel and snare channel and decide how much signal you want to have sent with the encoder.

i love this method and i use it pretty much in every project.

can provide screenshots or example r10 song file if needed.

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Post 10 Jan 2019

erm when using key sidechaining does the master sidechain contol work i get sum movement that then fades and only the make up knob seems to work
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