Reason 8 + Alesis Core 1 Noob question

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Hi There,

I'm getting back into Reason with version 8 and have today bought an Alesis Core 1 audio interface to use for my guitars but I'm not getting Reason to recognise it as an input device :(

It's plug and play and I've done that, been into the control panel of my PC and into Sound, on the 'recording' tab I've set the Core 1 as the default device and used the settings the user guide suggested. I can see the levels indicator registering when I strum the guitar so that all looks fine.

In reason 8 I go to Preferences > Audio and in the drop down list for drivers I see two new options, once called DX Core 1 Speakers and one called MME Core 1 Speakers. Neither of these options have any active input channels and if I create an audio track after selecting either there is nothing I can select as an input in the audio track.

I'm clearly doing something stupid to not get input channels but I'm at a loss as to what I need to do, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance :)


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Ok, I've moved on a little but it's still not right...

I downloaded the ASIO4ALL drivers and using those I can select the Core 1 as an input device and I can see it registering and playing in the audio track level meters and can even record it but I hear nothing. To hear what I recorded (silently) I have to switch back to the Creative Asio drivers I normally use.

Obviously constantly switching between the two is going to be a royal pain in the ass and not practical as I have no way of hearing the other tracks as I record the guitar.

Does anyone know how to get it to register without having to use ASIO4ALL and if I do have to use those, how I can get to hear it playing as I record and not have to switch drivers all the time?

Cheers :)

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Reason will only use one audio interface at a time (clock syncing between multiple interfaces is a complicated problem that no one has really solved without an external global clock source). Since the Core 1 is input only, you're obviously not going to be able to monitor through it.

The only option is to use ASIO4ALL, and add both the Core 1, and the Creative interface to it, as input and output sources, then have Reason connect to ASIO4ALL.

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