Cheap, but awsome MIDI controller.

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Post 21 Jan 2015

I do not know where to put this, but for people just starting up or who are strapped for cash...actually you do not even have to be strapped for cash, this is just kind of cool.

If you are in need for a small MIDI controller and do not want to spend a lot of $$$ on it, but still want it to be awesome with some cool features. Actually I like it more than a lot of the low to mid level MIDI controller options out there, for the price, quality, and features.

Ok it is the Rockband Keytars (does not matter what system they are for), I pick them up wherever I can find them. I have 3 at the moment. I picked one up at a second hand store for under $5. One at gamestop bundled with the rockband game on clearance for $9, they gave it to me for $7 b/c I did not want the game and gave the game right back to them. People now a days are giving them away or even throwing them out, if you can find one I highly recommend to pick it up, even as a cheap back up it is worth it.

They have 25 full size velocity sensitive keys + they are a keytar!!!! w/strap nuts and a little whammy touch screen thing.

Hope this helps someone out in the future.


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that is cool, I shall check out for that whenever I'm in a video game store... I don't need another MIDI controller but a keytard could be fun !

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