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This forum is for discussing Rack Extensions. Devs are all welcome to show off their goods.
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Thank you Ostermilk!  :s0230:
To you and other supporters!

...and I didn't know how much I missed the  :thumbup:  button at PUF until I arrived at ReasonTalk! 
Ostermilk wrote: I absolutely applaud your initiative here, it may even quell some of the future whining about the aesthetics that Devs use for their products.  If folk want to moan about fantastic and usable devices that have great and workable UI's just because they don't like the 'wallpaper' then make 'em pay.

An impressively courageous move which shows great character and will also hopefully educate a few people into appreciating the truly delicate beauty of the original Hamu Purple.

Brilliant stuff.

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