session singers (or any session musician actually)

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Post 08 Feb 2024

Firstly, I really am not sure if this is the right area to post, but I presume people aren't 'hardware' (or are they? :lol: )

It's a general question really, has or have any instrumentalists on here ever taken the plunge to hire a session singer (or a musician for something they don't cover themselves) to see what their track would sound like if you went the whole hog? (presuming you write in a suitable genre).

If so, what were the experiences with finding someone suitable, was it a tricky project to manage, did you hire a studio for recording etc?

It's a very general question but I had a long chat about it with my guitar tutor (we debated the pros and cons of having third parties involved in music, creative differences, and the flexibility of hiring people for a project as opposed to having a fixed 'band' with set capabilities) and I wondered, considering the amount of work you see on here into composition if anyone had taken that step and how it worked out

It is a very broad question but I'm open for comment/opinion


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Post 23 Feb 2024

I've paid for a backing singer sent them the file of the track with the singer and gave them freedom to see what they thought to add to the track then supplied notes -

its interesting to get another POV but also can be disappointing if its not how you heard it in your head

I also got a session guitarist to a solo on one track which I had laid using a VST guitar sound which they replicated perfectly again it was a risk but it did pay off.

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Post 23 Feb 2024

As a songwriter you do this all the time, unless you’re a great singer yourself. I was in Nashville so we had many options, but now with the internet you have even more. There are things to look out for, to be sure, but it’s not much different from taking a chance on a new voice. And if you DO happen to find a singer that “gets” your music, stick with them! Same for any collaboration, the more you start on the same page the further you can go IMO.
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Post 24 Feb 2024

I've heard some good results from using singers found on
You send them the track with a guide vocal (or less-ideally a melody track and lyrics) and they send you back a recording.
As ever, the quality varies and you'd have to be comfortable sending your precious music to a complete stranger but it might be worth trying. It'll only cost you a few quid and you might find someone you click with.

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Post 24 Feb 2024

I'd be really interested in trying this, I've been working on a track with my guitar teacher who really likes what I've done, but it really needs some vocals and quite frankly, I do not have a voice for it. I'm prepared to pay some money in as much hiring a studio for an afternoon isn't off the cards at all, I know to do things properly you have to pain a bit of expense (as long as its not ludicrious)

I haven't found many places to actually find these people though, and i totally agree with getting someone who digs your music - one thing I discussed at length with my tutor is people who are invested, or 'part of' your songs production will generally feel it more than someone to whom its just a 'todays job'

also it might sound daft, I don't actually really want to be the frontman haha i like the creative process but I don't mind slinking into the background (I've found someone who does amateur music videography and we've discussed a video on the future) but I wouldn't want to be the focus of it, though happy to be in the back haha

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