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Post 04 Feb 2024

looking to replace my mac trash can. Would getting a mac mini m2 and upgrading reason bring better performance?, there is a lot of conflicting info that upgrading is better, as some VSTs dont yet support newer M2 osx chips.

I have tried Reason 10 on a mac studio M2 with loads of ram, and found it's performance underwhelming, I know that sounds contradictory, but many of the vst I use like Bazille simply don't want to work well. Is the reason 12 a better upgrade with a new mac a better way forward? I like tracks with heavy effects, which brings more RAM usage.

any thoughts would be useful

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Post 04 Feb 2024

I posted about this on another thread earlier today.

I'm also looking for a new computer and want to go with a mac, hoping it will last a very long time.

There are so many variants of chips, and as far as I remember, unless they've updated this, reason only takes advantage of the performance cores and ignores the efficiency ones. Same with live. There's also another layer of complexity to taker into account which is the memory bandwidth these processors have. Only the max line fully utilizes the bandwidth, so while people claim the pro is the same as the max but without the GPU cores, it's bandwidth is about half of the max line.

In your case you mention effects, that's processor not ram, so faster and more cores is better than more ram. Ram is more important for other tasks like multi sampled instruments and stuff like that i think.

So processor is what you (and I) shoulder focus on when choosing the guts of our next computer.

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