Korg microKorg 2, KingKorg Neo, NTS-1 mkII, NTS-3 kaoss pad, and more

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Post 18 Jan 2024

I think both of these look great. Cool to see one of the best selling synths of all-time getting a new version. I know there's been other iterations with the S and XL, but this one is the 2... :) I don't think it's replacing the original...?

Also, I just want to say how much I appreciate Korg keeping a synth in production for so long. The fact that you can walk into a store today and buy a new synth that was released over 20 years ago is quite awesome. There are a few synths that I wish stayed in production.

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Post 18 Jan 2024

microKorg 2 - exciting.

KingKorg Neo - name sounds like a wrestler. Given how badly the original KingKorg did I'm surprised they have made this one. Maybe second time lucky.

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Post 06 Feb 2024

The Kaoss Pad mini is mine the moment it comes available...
Just gorgeous...

Also the Nts1 mk2 is very tempting.
I use my Nts1 mainly as a very good FX insert, but the introduction of the sequencer
AND midi out is very nice indeed in the mk2.

The coolest thing in all of this, is that new fx's and engine will surely be released, and
will be mk1 compatible... I hope... that the new sequencer bits can be addressed,
otherwise with a tiny bit of coding everything should works just fine within the Logue
engine framework (which I still haven't scratched the surface tbh).

Loopop says it has a different and more powerful SDK. Idk if patches will still be compatible... It would be a bummer if some of the expansive Sinevibes patches wouldn't...

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