[rave techno] Rising Night Wave - You Are So Precious, You Are So Malicious! [finished]

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Rising Night Wave
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Post 23 Jan 2023

okey, this is my newest and latest song.
i created it in last two days.
i am not sure if if is finished. - perhaps it should have some additional pad to fill up the space. but anyway i decided to sign it as finished.

so, this is a ... trve bosniak chevapchich... rave song :thumbup: :lol: :clap:

okey, joke on the side. it really sounds so balkanish hehe and also it reminds me of some old 90's rave/more mellow thunderdome songs from that time scene.
but main melody sound is a tipical rave sound.

so, here is the song:

as always, please leave some comments.
thank you.

ps: for those who do not know: čevapčiči (chevapchichi) are bosnian national food like turkey purkey for christian americans is. so, this ćevapćići looks like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=%C4%87e ... =929&dpr=1 ... again, joke on the side: true bosnian ćevapćići are soooooo good, damn, they are so tasty. it is a really good food which is so simple. usually they go with the lepinja. so, lepinja is this: https://www.google.com/search?q=lepinja ... 9&biw=1920

ps2: how do i know this? i am from slovenia, which was a former yugoslavian republic member. and bosnia was also a former yugoslavian republic member. so i know it. and i also know that balkan is so f.u. damn haha. no words to spend on this. my my.
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Post 09 Feb 2023

Hi there!
The whoshing sound in the intro (and repeated throughout the song) sounds a bit piercing to me, perhaps try to EQ it down from 1.5KHz and further up, where the strong parts are.
Balkan music is nice, I get a bit of that partly in this song!

Fun fact - I was travelling through Europe decades ago and found myself crossing the border to Slovenia just a few weeks or so after Maribor was bombed. Visited Postojnska Jama - we were the only three tourists in the cave train taking us deep into this fascinating cave. We were only in Slovenia for a short time, but loved what we saw.
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Post 17 Feb 2023

A little harsh in the highs. Then again no song is finished in 2 days if you want it to last haha. The hats are perfect. I want those hats! Killer bass growl and so much fx going on. Would you mind sharing how you made the vocal pitching/modulations? Lots of promise here. Keep polishing.
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