RE2DRender problem- [Permission denied]

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Post 14 Jan 2023

Hello everyone!

I am new in Reason programming section, and i come to you with a little problem about using RE2DRender ( I am fighting with it for a while)

I want to make my own rack, and trying to make as simple rack with tutorial i allways meet below situation:

When I`am using command in x64 native tools command prompt VS 2019 as admin, everything goes fine, but at the end of every use of RE2DRender it shows me:

Compositing background image for each panel
compositing image 'PatchNameSurface' onto background image 'Background_VerySimpleSampler'
C:\Users\jkolp\Desktop\JukeboxSDK\RE2DRender\GraphicsMagick\Win64\gm.exe convert: Unable to open file (C:\Users\jkolp\Desktop\JukeboxSDK\SDK\Examples\VerySimpleSampler\GUI\Intermediate\panelbgcompdjpt2w3i.png) [Permission denied].

In consequence: folder Output is not created. So further steps are not possible.

Somebody know how to fix this situation?

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Post 14 Jan 2023

I think using RE-Quickstart is the best way to get going especially with the newly introduced RE-Edit.

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Post 16 Jan 2023

jam-s Thank you for your reply. I will try your solution in my project. But for everyone who meet similar problem - turn off your antyvirus.

It`s stupid advice but now i understand thats everything was blocked by avast.

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