Give us a 'global' Snap function toggle

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Post 04 Jan 2023

The snap function in sequencer mode and edit mode are not linked.

It would be nice if we had the option to make the snap function a global parameter, so that while I'm editing notes, we can also move the block around with the current snap setting. Something you can toggle in preferences perhaps.

I do a lot of step sequencing, and I find that managing the snap function in two different modes, a little redundant and hinders my workflow.

Does anyone else suffer with this?

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Post 04 Jan 2023

To be honest I like having the 2 different snap options (one in edit mode and one in song mode), but a global option to link both would be a great addition.

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Post 04 Jan 2023

I often just leave the main Snap mode on Bar, and the Edit Snap mode on Grid. This allows me to zoom to change grid resolution when editing notes/slices (typically moving between 16ths and one bar grid size), and edit to the bar line when editing clips, which works for a large percentage of my editing workflow.
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Post 06 Jan 2023

Yeah it’s a little hard to explain my workflow, but the most practical use for me is when I’m cleaning up loosely recorded midi or sounds (in edit mode), and want to scale the notes of the block to fit my bpm.
I forget the actually hot key off hand, (it might be ctrl + click drag,) but you can actually click and drag to scale the recorded notes to fit your bpm of the blocks, without leaving edit mode - and without using the tool window.
I definitely agree it would be best to avoid hindering people used to the current setup! A little check box in the preferences to enable global would be wonderful :)

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Post 20 May 2023


Can you explain what you mean by scale the box to fit your tempo? I want to play without using quantize just move the notes to fit the grid but they don’t snap to the line even with absolute on. If this makes sense.

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