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Post 04 Nov 2022

Thought I'd make a post here of something I've had in the works, still needs a lot of work on the polish.

Not sure on style, it's quite soft - pop, electronic but some traditional work in there too. Definitely not going to be everyone's cuppa but interested in comment.

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Post 14 Nov 2022

It's good to hear something else than electro music. Sometimes you forget that you can do anything with Reason.
I like the general atmosphere, the arrangement. You don't need to do a lot to make something good... But there are 2 criticisms I wanted to make.
- The first one is that it's very frustrating not to have a melody on top of everything. There is something missing.
- The second criticism is the same as the first one. The chords go round and round. Cm-Eb and when finally the light comes on with an Ab, we immediately go back to a Cm. It's as if we can't get out of the loop. If there had been a voice to break this monotony, it would be less "serious".
Good continuation.

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