WAUBABY Multi-Wah fx (best wah collection that you know by Turn2on)

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Post 17 Sep 2022

Hi. Interesting question. And easy solution to understand.
In Waubaby, you read on panel near to the switch - SOFT BYPASS.
We use "Soft Bypass" name, you press and Bypass the signal.
Its not more about hardware pedals world, its more about Reason FX-processing, that starting at the moment when you add device to the rack. Need bypass? Press the switch "Soft Bypass"

Logic of Reason effects - any created FX in rack - immediately run FX processing.
When you press the switch, you activate Bypass function. Activation = LED ON.

But you are right. This is a real interface problem for some users at start. But this is because usually them not read the name of the switch. They understand it wrong, in the way: Button? = need to enable.. but enable what? Read.. Soft bypass.. for what?) To bypass signal, right?
And back to Reason reality rules, FX is always ON at the start of device creation.

From my big collection of guitar pedals and processors, main of them used switch to Activate fx, only few of them have text "Activate", usually this is a blank space near to the switch.
Yes. We not use Activate mode, we add "Bypass" mode.. that more actual for Reason rack idealogy.

KUASSA going in hardware pedals way. Their pedals FXs have switch+LED. But not have name of the switch. There is working logic of pedals. And functionality - activate FX.. like pedals.

Our switches activate what the name of switches is marked - "Soft Bypass". You run Bypass.
Sorry for this, but Activate - can work as standard 3-position reason FXs switch in modes BYP/ON. But this functional create sound clicks. So.. we just add Soft Bypass with short and soft fades, that help to use FXs activity in creative way.
If we marked it as "Activate" - its just the lamp that can show that device is active.
Our accent, that you can use special SOFT bypass.

And also, personally I prefer in devices, that switches must indicate what it is really DO.
You initialise "Bypass", LED is On, sound is bypassed.
if we named this switch "Activate", we prefer to activation process with active LED. But for Reason rules, processing run at start by default.. something crazy to have Activate button on the device, that already activated in rack by default.
And main message of "SFT BYP" text, that this is additional and special Bypass mode, that you can activate.
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