Looking for "Reason to RRP" Workflow Ideas/Tips

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Post 06 Sep 2022

selig wrote:
06 Sep 2022
You got me to google Luna. Another DAW I didn't know. The UI looks very cool and with a reason feel with this analogic VU meter emulation. I can understand why you feel at home there :-). And considering all the features you mentionned, quite a good complement to reason.
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Post 06 Sep 2022

IMHO, if I was doing that, i'd take the reason project as near as possible to the mixing stage, commit to that, export to audio and then mix in LUNA. Not only that consolidates your project for a clean restart in the mixing phase, as it also will give you a CPU free project only with audio. Of course you need to commit to your previous project (or not, you always have access to that project, and if you need to change something, it just tales you longer).

But if you know in advance your project will be a hybrid, then i think the best option is starting out with Luna and RRP. You also mention auto punch in/out and other stuff that will not be available in reason... so if you want that, the other daw, plus rrp is the way to go, imho.

Anyway, i bought cubase competitive crossgrade last year and tried to start using it, just to quit the idea, at least for now. I built my personal workflow completely around reason, and just the fact that at some point, the sound exploring experience needed at least 4 browsers, plus squencer integration is not the same, made cubase pretty uninspiring (cubase's browser, reason browser, vst A, B and C browser...)... Reason consolidates files, folders, refills, packs, and even some vst if they use the usual fxp files (example the whole rob papen explorer suite uses fxp's. I'd say that's arond 10 different synths, whose patches show up on reason's browser, near any other reason device).

Then there's some lack of integration between the devices and the sequencer and mixer, that i already had very well integrated with my controllers. And that's the reason i don't even left reason for mixing, at least for now. And old habits die hard too. I found i had to wrap my head around cubase despite knowing the app from 10 years before... TBH i felt a bit lost, and since music is not my main occupation, It's hard to gather the time to relearn cubase.

But i understand you completely, the lack of core sequencer and mixer functionality is becaming blatantly frustrating. OTOH, the lack of these features, is not a deterrant to make music, at least for me - but it aches a bit, not having those core things that are granted in almost any other daw.

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