Bassline Gen & Pattern Mutator...or Algoritm

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Post 03 Sep 2022

I see some things are sale priced for another day, even in the rewards section. That being said, I'm thinking about redeeming some points. I'm thinking either 'Algoritm' by itself with a 50 point voucher, or I could get probably Bassline Gen & Pattern Mutator with a 75 point voucher. (was also looking at the vocoder a bit too, but I'm not sure how much I'd actually use it). Any thoughts? I've already got synths for miles at this point, but Algoritm does look pretty unique, so I'd likely have some fun with it anyway. The player devices I'm not as sure about how much I'd actually use them...tough to tell how useful they'd be without test driving them, however the sale ends in only a day, so not really much time for that... or do I just hold out with my points for now....tough call.

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Post 03 Sep 2022

I'm a Player fiend. I own both BLG and PM, and really enjoy using them. Like you, I've got a ton of synths, though I don't own Algoritm (yet). So another synth, even on sale, doesn't appeal nearly as much as getting to know a new Player.

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Post 03 Sep 2022

I think you would get varied answers here because those options are apples vs oranges.

Best you think about your current set up, perhaps you really want incorporate more FM sounds in your music but don't have an option to? Perhaps you're comfortable with your sound selection, but struggling with same old boring bass lines? Perhaps you would like to record notes or the fly without committing to seqeuncer, or use step note recording within your workflow?

Take a look at what gap you may have personally. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those devices.

P.s if you're patient enough, there will always be another sale
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Post 03 Sep 2022

I own all these stuffs I can only advise you on the quality of these stuffs. For the choice, I agree with deeplink, it is really you.

For me pattern mutator is "ok" but BLG and Algo are very very good. Algo mostly because it makes FM fun (the presets are good but not jaw-dropping, Zero hybrid has better presets in my view as an FM synth).

Yet BLG is for me the best of the 3. The kind of melody it can suddenly find (after sometimes hours of tweaking) is just awesome.
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Post 03 Sep 2022

Just wanted to add a small plus for going for the players. Algoritm is awesome but the combo of BLG and PM with the other players can open some unexpected creative doors.

BLG is great for baselines but also for plucks and even triggering SC and CS when set to higher octaves. And then you can put that into PM and come up with even more madness.

I’ve used BLG more lately for one off piano riffs. Then PM for variations of that riff.

But as already stated, it depends on where you get the most value.

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Post 03 Sep 2022


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Post 03 Sep 2022

For me personally the priorities are:

Effects > Synths > > > > > Players (almost irrelevant), so here Algoritm is much more interesting. Friktion, however, is a lot more interesting to me personally than Algoritm. That said, I wouldn't spend a penny on the vocoder, reward points or not.

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Post 03 Sep 2022

Thanks for the responses. It sounds like the BLG might be the better of the two players. (I pretty much have all the others already) I guess the other thing I could do I didn't think of was get both Algo and BLG on a 75 point voucher and just have a bill left of like 3... not bad I guess.

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