Matrix notes to (stepped) Filter Frequency

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Post 12 Aug 2022

probably obvious but might be useful to somebody

I managed to get 32 notes on Matrix to do a full filter stepping of eg Monotone, Subtractor or Europa's filters (they all respond the same)

I've set the notes to trigger C1-G3 in Matrix. This will map to Source Range 36 to 67 in the Combinator with Matrix Note CV going into Control 1 and mapped to Filter Frequency

I guess it's easy to forget that Source Range will of course just map the MIDI keyboard range from 0 (C-2) to 127 (G8), even if it's not labelled as such

example Reason 12 project zip attached with all 3 instrument filters triggered (includes CVA-7 CV Analyzer which is free ... -analyzer/ but not necessary to make it work)

be sure to set the Control 1 rotary to 0

mainly sharing because it took me a while to realise how to map 32 notes from C1 to the full CV rotary range!

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